Moog Protokraft Signs New Distributor in the UK

Moog Protokraft and Advanced Embedded Solutions Ltd (AES) located in Christchurch, United Kingdom, have signed a distribution agreement to resell Ethernet products. AES will support the UK market along with our Millfield Electronics rep to better serve our Ethernet customers.

Moog Protorkaft design and manufactures Ethernet media converters and transcoders for military and avionics applications. These MIL-STD products are small and light weight while remaining rugged. Triple rate electrical (10/100/1000BaseT) as well as optical Fast (100BaseFX), Gigabit (1000BaseSX, 10000Base LX, 1000Base BX) and 10 GB (10 G Base SR) speed are supported. We also offer video transcoding and transcoding serial data to Ethernet.

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