Moog Protokraft Releases Dagger Series Optical Transceivers

Moog Protokraft, a divison of Moog Components Group has announced the availablitiy of its rugged Dagger series dual and quad port optical transceivers. The Dagger series with D38999 fiber optic external connector interface improves the performance and reliability of high speed communication links up to 5 GB/s per port in harsh environment applications.

The Dagger series dual and quad port optical transceivers are available either with 4 or 8 optical transceivers and can be factory configured to allow customization and flexibility of numerous TX / RX combinations. The external interface of the Dagger series optical transceiver unit is a D38999 / 19-04 for the dual port and a D38999 / 25-08 for the quad port with up to 8 ELIO® multimode or single mode fiber optic ports. The electrical interface is a ribbon coax cable to Samtec® SMT connector assembly enabling interconnection to a motherboard, daughter card or backplane. Power to the unit (3.3 VDC) is supplied through the integrated Samtec assembly.

The Dagger transceiver unit is suitable for extreme rugged military, aerospace, petrochemical, mining, industrial or utility applications where significant levels of shock, vibration and extreme temperature ranges are experienced. Moog Protokraft designs are optimized for SWaP (small size, low weight, low power). Innovative packaging and the use of industry standard harsh environment connectorization enable effective resistance to dirt, dust and other contaminants.

Designed to operate in harsh environments, the Dagger series optoelectronic transceivers feature excellent thermal characteristics from -55°C to +85°C, high tolerance to vibration and shock according DO160E and corrosion resistant aluminum housings with different platings for exceptional EMI / RFI and corrosion resistance.

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